World History College Prep

Week of 2/4

Monday - German & Italian Unification 
                       Partner Work 
                       Class Debrief

Tuesday - Review on Nationalism & Unification
                      Complete study guide 
                      HW - Finish study guide & study for quiz

Wednesday - Quiz on Nationalism & Unification 
                               Two minute review 
                               Take quiz

Thursday - Introduction to Industrial Revolution 
                         Notes & discussion 

Friday - Why Great Britain? 
                  Partner Work - Mini-DBQ
                  Class Debrief


Week of 1/21

Monday - No School - MLK Day 

Tuesday - Napoleon Essay - Writing Day

Wednesday - Napoleon Essay - Peer Editing Day 
                              Partner Work

Thursday - Introduction to Nationalism 
                         Notes & discussion
                         HW - Napoleon Essay due

Friday - Nationalism in Europe During the 1800s
                  1. Notes & discussion
                  2. Explanation of Upcoming Project 

Week of 1/7

Monday - Complete Study Guide on French Revolution
                       HW - Finish study guide

Tuesday - Review on French Revolution 
                      HW - Study for test

Wednesday - Test on French Revolution 

Thursday - Age of Napoleon (Day One)
                        Notes, discussion, & Group Work

Friday - Age of Napoleon (Day Two)
                 Mapping Assignment 

Week of 12/31

Monday - No School (New Year's Eve)

Tuesday - No School (New Year's Day)

Wednesday - National Assembly & the Constitution of 1791
                              Notes & discussion

Thursday - Reign of Terror (Day One)
                         Video clips & critical thinking questions
                         HW - French Revolution Time Line Worksheet 

Friday - Reign of Terror (Day Two)
                  Video clips & critical thinking questions

Week of 12/17

Monday - Estates-General Meeting
                      Notes & Discussion

Tuesday - Storming of the Bastille & the Declaration of Rights
                      Notes, Video Clip, & Primary Source Analysis
                      HW - Finish primary source analysis

Wednesday - Marie Antoinette & the Women's March on Versailles
                              1. Short Story Analysis
                              2. Video Clips on Marie Antoinette

Thursday - Marie Antoinette & the Women's March on Versailles
                         1. Debrief short stories
                         2. Notes on Women's March 

Friday - Holiday Party (No Work)
                  Board Games, Cards, Sporcle, Etc. 

Week of 12/10

Monday - Complete Study Guide on 
                       Absolutism & the Enlightenment 
                      HW - Finish study guide 

Tuesday - Review on Absolutism & the Enlightenment
                      1. Debrief study guide 
                      2. Play Review Game
                      HW - Study for test

Wednesday - Test on Absolutism & the Enlightenment 

Thursday - Introduction to the French Revolution
                         Notes & discussion

Friday - France's Financial Problems
                  Notes, discussion, & primary source analysis

Week of 12/3

Monday - Introduction to the Enlightenment
                      Notes, discussion, & quote analysis
                      HW - Finish quote analysis 

Tuesday - Close Reading (Day One)
                      Annotate, highlight, & answer critical thinking questions
                      about excerpts from various Enlightenment philosophers

Wednesday - Close Reading (Day Two)
                               1. Finish reading excerpts from various Enlightenment philosophers
                               2. Debrief critical thinking questions

Thursday - Enlightenment Ideas Spread
                         Notes & discussion

Friday - Complete Study Guide on Absolutism & Enlightenment 
                  HW - Finish study guide 

Week of 11/26

Monday - Absolutism Project (Day Four)
                      Classwork Assignment 
                      HW - Finish classwork assignment (if not done in class)

Tuesday - Louis XIV & The Palace of Versailles
                      Video clips & critical thinking questions

Wednesday - England (Tudor Monarchs vs. Stuart Monarchs)
                              Notes & discussion

Thursday - The English Civil War
                          Notes & discussion

Friday - Timeline on English Civil War 
                  Partner Assignment 
                  HW - Finish timeline assignment 

Week of 11/19

Monday - Absolute Monarch Project (Day 1)
                     1.  Finish notes from Friday's lesson
                     2.  Explain Absolute Monarch Project
                     3. Break students into groups & begin research 
                     HW - Continue working on project

Tuesday - Absolute Monarch Project (Day 2)
                     Continue researching & begin to create presentation
                     HW - Continue working on presentation

Wednesday - Absolute Monarch Project (Day 3)
                              Finish presentation 
                              HW - Complete presentation & submit online 
                                           (if not done in class - presentation will be 
                                            due by Monday, Nov. 26)

Thursday - No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Friday - No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Week of 11/12

Monday - Atlantic Slave Trade (Day Three)
                      Debrief Group Activity

Tuesday - Complete Study on Exploration
                       HW - Finish study guide

Wednesday - Review for Test on Exploration
                              HW - Study for Test

Thursday - Test on Exploration

Friday - Introduction to Absolutism
                 Notes & discussion

Week of 11/5

Monday - The Columbian Exchange
                       Notes & discussion

Tuesday - The Atlantic Slave Trade (Day One)
                       Group Activity 

Wednesday - The Atlantic Slave Trade (Day Two)
                               Finish group activity
                               Notes & discussion

Thursday - No School (NJEA Convention)

Friday - No School (NJEA Convention)

Week of 10/29

Monday - Christopher Columbus (Day Two)
                      Finish Analysis of Primary Source Docs

Tuesday - Columbus Essay
                     1. Debate Columbus - "Hero" vs. "Villain"
                     2. Historical Writing Tips
                     HW - Outline Columbus Essay

Wednesday - Historical Writing - Columbus Essay
                              Begin writing Columbus essay

Thursday - Conquistadors - Cortez & Pizarro
                         Notes & discussion
                        HW - Columbus Essay due

Friday - Spanish Colonial Society
                  Notes & discussion

Week of 10/15

Monday - The Counter Reformation 
                       Notes & The Hammer of Witches

Tuesday - The Counter Reformation (Day 2)
                       Finish The Hammer of Witches
                       Written Reflection

Wednesday - Charting Scientific Breakthroughs 
                               Gallery Activity

Thursday - Charting Scientific Breakthroughs
                         Debrief Gallery Activity & Notes

Friday - Complete Study Guide on Reformation
                  & Scientific Revolution
                  HW - Finish study guide

Week of 10/1

Monday - The Northern Renaissance (Day One)
                      van Eyck, Durer, & Gutenberg
                      Notes & discussion

Tuesday - The Northern Renaissance (Day Two)
                       Erasmus, Moore, & Shakespeare
                      Notes & discussion
                      HW - Complete study guide & study for quiz

Wednesday - Quiz on the Renaissance 
Thursday - Corruption in the Catholic Church
                         Indulgence Activity

Friday - The Reformation Begins
                  Notes & discussion on Martin Luther

Week of 9/24

Monday - Renaissance vs. Classical/Medieval Art 
                      Finish notes from Friday
                      Play Art Game
                      HW - Questions from worksheet
Tuesday - Renaissance Art & Artists
                      Research on google chrome books
                      HW - Finish research and turn in assignment

Wednesday - The Northern Renaissance (Day One)
                               Castiglione & Machiavelli
                               Notes, discussion, & primary source analysis

Thursday - The Northern Renaissance (Day Two)
                         Gutenberg, Durer, & Shakespeare
                         Notes & discussion

Friday - No School (Teacher In-Service)

Week of 9/17

Monday - Finish Crusades & The Black Death
                      Notes, discussion, & video clip
                      HW - Index Card for Writing Assignment

Tuesday - Historical Writing Assignment 
                      Writing Day (Use Index Card for essay writing)
                      HW - Finish essay (if necessary)

Wednesday - Introduction to Humanism
                              Online Survey, Notes, & Discussion

Thursday - Introduction to the Renaissance - Why Italy?
                         Notes & discussion

Friday - Classical/Medieval Art vs. Renaissance Art
                  Discussion & Group Game  


Week of 9/10

Monday - Feudalism & The Manor System
                      Notes & discussion

Tuesday - 9/11 (A Day That Changed the World)
                      Video Clip & Discussion
                      Primary Source Analysis
                      HW - Finish primary source analysis

Wednesday - Feudal Life of Peasants
                              Review of feudalism
                              Secondary Source Analysis

Thursday - The Catholic Church
                          Jigsaw Activity in Groups
                          Debrief answers

Friday - The Crusades
                 Guided Notes & primary source analysis