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Ms. Justine Carey   
    A-Dr (Grades 11-12)
    A-Di (Grade 9-10) 

    Mrs. Laura Foster 
    Ds-Km (Grade 11-12)
    Dj -Li  (Grade 9-10)

Mr. Joseph Zobel    
  (x3229)    jzobel
     Kn-Re (Grades 11-12)
     Lj-Ro  (Grade 9-10)

   Mr. Brian Croly        
   Rf-Z(Grade 11-12)
   Rp-Z(Grde 9-10)

                    Attention Seniors!
The Post Graduation Form is now available. This mandatory form gives us permission to send your transcripts to your post secondary school. It also gives us the information needed when awarding scholarships.  In order to be considered for these awards we must have the form returned no later than May 15th. 
If you do not want to be considered for these scholarships, we require that you return the completed form no later than May 30th. 
Click here to print the form.