Student Parking Permits

Students will be permitted to park vehicles on school grounds provided a request for permission is completed and signed by the student, parent and appropriate school official.


Student must hold a valid New Jersey driver's license and observe good safe driving practices at all times.


All vehicles driven by students are to be registered with Mr. Brian Stolarick and a parking tag will be assigned following approval of the request.  This parking tag must be hung on the rearview window of the vehicle.


The only parking area for students is behind the building in the designated parking spaces.  No parking is permitted in any other area.


All drivers will respect the established rules for entering and leaving the driving areas of the school.  The rules are as follows:


·         All vehicles will be parked in such a manner that the wheels of the vehicles are inside the parking lanes.

·         Vehicles will give right-of-way to persons walking across driveway of parking lot.

·         Students are not permitted to go to or to be in their car during school hours (7:40 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.).

·         No student will be permitted to go to his automobile during the school day unless special permission is given from the Assistant Principal.

·         No car may be moved during the school day unless permission is obtained from the Assistant Principal.

·         The use or possession of drugs, alcohol tobacco, or related paraphernalia is prohibited in the automobile on school property; the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the passenger's conduct.

Parking privileges are subject to review at any time and will be revoked if the student does not observe safe driving rules and/or commits any infraction of the rules.  Driver privileges may be revoked for infractions of school rules anytime during the school year.       


Penalty (ies) for Violation of Parking Privilege

Violations that occur as a result having of having no parking tag to any of the above listed items will result in the following:

1st Offense - Administrative Detention - one (1)

2nd Offense - Administrative Detention - two (2)

3rd Offense - Vehicle to be towed at owner's expense.


Parking Registration Form