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Ms. Justine Carey   
    A-Dr (Grades 10-12)
    A-Di (Grade 9) 

    Mrs. Laura Foster 
    Ds-Km (Grade 10-12)
    Dj -Li  (Grade 9)

Mrs. Gretchen Patrick   
     Kn-Re (Grades 10-12)
     Lj-Ro  (Grade 9)

   Mr. Brian Croly        
   Rf-Z(Grade 10-12)
   Rp-Z(Grade 9)



Courses may be taken for credit through Option II only under one of the following scenario     

  1. CREDIT RECOVERY:   Students who fail a course, or lose credit for any reason, can choose to remediate, or “make-up” the course during the summer instead of taking it during the following school year.  Please see your counselor for credit recovery course options. DOWNLOAD OPTION II APPLICATION

  2. ADVANCE THEIR STUDY  Students may choose to take courses to move ahead in a subject either online or an accredited summer program. DOWNLOAD OPTION II APPLICATION

  3. INDEPENDENT STUDY:  Independent study program is intended for an individual who seeks intense study in an academic area not currently offered by the Delran High School curriculum.  Independent studies may not replace a course listed in the DHS Program of Studies. DOWNLOAD OPTION II Independent Study Application

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Class Presentation from 10/2 & 3 

 You can begin filing  FAFSA as of October 1, 2017. 
Go to to create an account. 
Click here for what you need to complete the application and where to find assistance.

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Hey Juniors! It's not too early to work on your
Community Service Requirement
You are required to complete 15 hours by June 1, 2018
Plan out your testing: 

SAT Testing
:  It is recommended that you take 2-3 tests before the start of senior year.
Register through
ACT Testing: It is recommended that you take this test in April or June of junior year.
Register through
You can prepare for both of these college tests in Naviance with "Naviance  Test Prep"

Start researching colleges now, begin visiting campuses throughout the fall, winter, & spring
(Spring Break is a great opportunity  to visit schools!)
Update your Resume in Naviance.

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OPTION II Application

Any student taking a credit recovery course, original credit course, or doing an independent study MUST complete the Option II form and submit it to a counselor BEFORE enrolling in a course.

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