Pre-Ap 4/ AP 5

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Pre-AP Spanish 4 GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE:  2s92as

Welcome to Pre-AP4/ AP 5 Spanish.  It will be a pleasure to work with you throughout next year.  We will learn a lot and have fun, too!  I understand that you guys have some questions: I am going to try to give you some answers…

What are we going to do in class?

We are going to prepare for the AP test that you will take in May.  To do this, we will practice the skills of speaking, writing, reading, and listening.  Also, we have to learn a lot about the Spanish-speaking world.  AP Spanish V focuses on six themes:

  • Families and communities
    • Including: educational communities, social networks, human geography, traditions and values, global citizenry, family structure
  • Science and technology
    • Including: technology (individual and society), health care and medicine, science and ethics, natural phenomena, access to technology, innovations
  • Beauty and aesthetics
    • Including: definitions of beauty, fashion and design, language and literature, visual and scenic arts, architecture, creativity
  • Contemporary life
    • Including: education and professional careers, entertainment and fun, travel and leisure, personal relationships, lifestyles, and social traditions and values
  • Global challenges
    • Including: economic themes, the environment, population and demographics, social wellbeing, philosophic thought and religion, social conscience
  • Personal and public identities
    • Including: alienation and assimilation, self esteem, national and ethnic identities, personal interests and beliefs, heroes and historical figures


What should/do I have to do this summer?

During this summer, I recommend to you that you practice Spanish a least a little bit: listen to music in Spanish, watch a television program, read some news, chat with friends, etc.


Also, you have to do a few items:

            --Study for a quiz over the map of the Spanish-speaking countries and their capitals: we will take this quiz the first day of school

            --Find three (3) articles in Spanish over one of the AP themes in a Spanish-speaking country.  Be prepared to share a bit of information with the class.  (You can find useful sites on the last page of this packet.)


What will I need for the class?

            --a good attitude and a desire to learn


Sitios útilies en el Internet

Recuerden: Neceistan encontrar 3 artículos en español sobre unos de las temas del AP para compartir con la clase en septiembre.  Pueden usar estos sitios y cuentas de Twitter para encontrarlos.


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