American Literature and Composition CP 11

English CP 11- American Literature and Composition

      Guidelines and Expectations ~ Ms. Turse

Hello, my name is Ms. Turse, and I will be instructing you for the 2017-2018 school year. The curriculum for American Literature and Composition is designed to help students strengthen skills in composition, critical analysis of literature, and oral communication. Throughout the course we will be exploring the questions: What is an American? How is the American identity shaped? What is the American dream?

The following is a breakdown of my classroom guidelines and expectations. We will review it together in class. Please share it with your parent(s)/guardian(s) and have one of them sign it. Keep it in your English binder as a reference throughout the remainder of the year.

We will be using Google Classroom throughout the year. I will post the daily Plan of the Day and include links to notes, PowerPoints, etc. In order to access this information, please log in to Google Classroom using your Delran login information. Then, click the + sign on the upper right hand corner of the page and click “Join Class.” Enter the class code.  I will provide this for you at the beginning of the year. 

Required Materials:

            blue or black ink pen or pencil                                                 loose-leaf paper

            highlighter                                                                               class textbook 

            3 ring binder                                                                            post-its

            1 subject notebook OR marble notebook                                 tab dividers


Tests, Projects, Presentations, Major Writings                           45%

Quizzes, Timed Writings, In-class writings, In-class projects    33%

Homework/Classwork                                                              12%

Class Participation                                                                    10%

Daily Routine: 

  1. Students will be in class and seated by time the bell rings or will be marked LATE. Three Lates = Teacher Detention 
  2. Students will copy the “Plan of the Day” in their notebook or binder as soon as they are seated. They will read the class objective posted daily on the board. If there is a “Do Now” assignment, they will complete it.    
  3. Students may leave class with my permission and a hall pass. Students will not be given permission to leave class during tests, quizzes, or in the middle of an activity unless it is an emergency. All students who enter the room late must have a pass. 


  1. All work will be completed on the assigned due date. Failure to complete homework results in a 0. For major writing assignments, each day late will be a 10 point deduction. 
  2. Students will write their name on all assignments and use blue or black ink or pencil.
  3. Students will follow the plagiarism rules outlined in the student handbook. Any student caught cheating in any manner will receive a 0 on the assignment.
  4. I am available to provide extra help to all students. Students must arrange a time to meet; I require a 24 hr. notice.


  1. Students will treat their peers, teacher, and themselves with consideration and respect. This includes using school appropriate language.
  2. Students will keep their cell phones, IPods, and other portable devices on silent and stowed in the phone caddy.
  3. Students will follow all school policies especially those on harassment and bullying.
  4. Students will treat books and all other school materials with care.
  5. Students will take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  6. Students will work to the best of their ability at all times.

Procedures for Absences:

  1. Consult the Plan of the Day on Google Classroom for the day(s) that you were absent. The plan will indicate whether there were notes, handouts, or homework assignments. It will also provide important due dates.
  2. Collect all handouts that were passed out while you were absent. Handouts will be placed in a designated area for you to pick up on your arrival back to school. It is your responsibility.
  3. Copy any missed notes from a reliable classmate or see me for my notes. Notes will often be posted on Google Classroom.
  4. See me to schedule a time to make up a missed test or quiz. This is your responsibility. After returning, a student has the same number of days to make up a test or quiz as he/she was absent. (Ex.: 3 days absent= 3 days to make up quiz/test) Any quiz or test that is not made up in the appropriate time frame will count as a zero. All tests/quizzes must be completed during the marking period that they were given. Students absent the day of a test announced prior to their absence may be given the test on the first day back.
  5. Complete assignments and hand them in on the assigned due date. Students are required to bring in a note from their parent/guardian if they are unable to meet a deadline due to absence (Ex: writing assignment, project, etc.)

Students are responsible for their own actions and are expected to use good judgment and common sense in the classroom. Disciplinary problems are not expected, but are also not tolerated. Please see the student handbook and refer to the discipline policy and procedures.  In class, I will make decisions based on the severity of the behavior while maintaining the school policies. For minor infractions, students will receive a warming. If recurring, a student will receive a teacher detention, a phone call home to a parent/guardian, and/or a disciplinary referral.

Contact Information:

I strongly welcome and encourage parental communication. Please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail me at


        **Let’s work together in order to make this year a success! Good luck!**