Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Nike Grind
From the rubber in a running track to the fabric cushion underneath an indoor or outdoor basketball court, Nike Grind � a raw material made from recycled athletic shoes and Nike manufacturing scrap � can be used in all types of sports surfaces. ...All Nike needs is an incredible promotional program and athletic endorser! Who will it be?


Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, and 12 Credits: 5.0

Sports and Entertainment Marketing is designed to expose students to this exciting and growing area of Marketing!

Students will be exposed to both the Marketing

OF Sports and Entertainment as well as THROUGH Sports and


Entertainment! This hands-on class has a major emphasis in the following areas: marketing concepts, concession,

security, contracts and negotiations, market research, media and promotions, public relations, sponsorship, logos,

event management, licensing, planning and executing the operations of events. Travel, tourism, film, music and

television marketing will also be covered in this class. This marketing course will utilize 斉ear Essentials,� the

school store, as a laboratory experience


. The strategic approach to this course appeals to the creative and artistic


abilities of Graphic Design and Multi-Media students!


Endorsement Notes