2017-2018 Physical Education Rules and Regs

Delran High School

Health and Physical Education Department
2017-2018 Rules and Regulations

Participation and Preparation Counts for 100% of their Marking Period Grade


All students will be graded on their preparation and participation in class. If a student comes prepared with appropriate clothing and a good attitude, they will be eligible to maintain a perfect score for that day.

Students are expected to be prepared for class with appropriate athletic clothing (i.e. T-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt, etc.).

Students are NOT permitted to wear the following:

  • Tank Tops
  • Jewelry
  • Cut Off T-Shirts
  • Jeans

 All students will start each marking period with a perfect 100%.

 Point deductions from the preparation and participation portion of their grade will be as follows:

Unprepared for Class

-6 points

Discipline for Inappropriate Behavior

-6 points

Showing Up Late to Class

(Can not be made up)

3 instances leads to 1 Unprepared

Poor Participation

-2 to – 6 points

Seven unprepared instances in one marking period will result in failure for the quarter!!!


Students will be eligible for making up points for days in which they arrived unprepared in the final weeks of each quarter. These dates are established at the beginning of the marking period and students must attend on the selected dates either before or after school. Each student is limited to two (2) make-ups per quarter. Make ups will be worth half credit (3 points). The requirement for students attempting to make up lost credit is as follows:

Arrival Time



7:00 AM


2:15 PM


10 minute run


20 minute walk


On a student’s fourth absence, for any reason, students will lose credit for that day and each subsequent day that they are absent. They are responsible to see the teacher for an opportunity to make up the credit for that date through a written assignment.


·     All students are to be in the locker room before the bell rings to begin the class.

·     All students are to change into the proper physical education attire (see dress code below) as quickly as possible (no more than approximately four minutes) and go immediately to their assigned seating area.

·     All valuables need to be locked in a secure locker. Under no circumstances should valuables be left lying in the locker room.

·     Safe/proper behavior(aligned with student handbook) should be practiced in the locker room and gym area at all times.

·     When dismissed from PE class, students will NOT interrupt other classes.  They will enter the locker rooms through the designated doors and remain inside the locker room until the dismissal bell rings.