Emergency Plan

Emergency Plans
Field Hockey Unit Medical Work

Go to the USA Field Hockey website:



1)      Complete 50 index cards with field hockey terms.


2)      Who is Constance Apple




3)      When, where and what was the name of the first field hockey camp that Constance Applebee opened in the <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">U.S.</st1:country-region>?





4)      Tell me when Miss Bruno’s College Coach , Beth Beglin, was inducted into the Field Hockey Hall of Fame?



5)      Where is the Field Hockey Hall of Fame located?




6)      Write out the following definitions for these terms that are associated with the Olympics:



                                Olympic Symbols

                                Olympic Motto

                                Olympic Creed

                                Olympic Rings

                                Olympic Oath


Tennis Unit Medical Work


1)      Google: Tennis Terminology

A)    Pick 50 tennis terms and put each term with its definition on one index card.


2)      Google: Tennis Questions – go to the Wiki Answers site and answer the following questions:


A)    What does ATP stand for relating to tennis?

B)     What is a tennis ball made of?

C)    Who invented tennis and when?

D)    What is a split-step in tennis?

E)     How do you keep score in tennis?

F)     What size tennis racquet works best?

G)    What fitness drills should you do for tennis?

H)    How can you improve your volleys in tennis?

I)       Why is court positioning so important in tennis?

J)       What are the basics for all good ground tennis strokes?

K)    Why are tennis balls fuzzy?

L)     How do you know what type of grip to use in tennis?

M)   Should you use a one-handed or two-handed backhand in tennis?

N)    What side do you stand on for your first serve?

O)    How should you cover the court in a tennis doubles match?

P)     What does ITF stand for in tennis?

Q)    What are the physical benefits of playing tennis?

R)     What stretches should you do for tennis?

S)     What was the first tennis ball made of?

T)     What is a tennis racket made of?

U)    Why was tennis invented?

V)    In tennis what is the WTA?

W)  How do you hit an approach shot in tennis?

X)    Where can you find rules about tennis?

Y)    How can you anticipate your opponent’s next shot in tennis?

Z)     What are the four major professional tennis tournaments?
3) Google: Tennis Videos.
4) Then, google Tennis Lessons.
5) Click on "How to grip a racket."
    A. Watch the video.
    B. Answer the following questios:
        1.  How are you supposed to grip a tennis racket?
        2. Where should your hand be on the racket - top, middle, or bottom of the shaft?
        3. The "V" of your hand,  should line up with what part of the racket?
6) Go to related videso: Click on "Tennis Forehand - Forehand Step 1 - Pivot and Shoulder Turn"
     A) Watch the video.
     B) Answer the following questions:
          1. From the ready position - when you pivot - what part of your body  opens up?
          2. When coming out of the split - step, you transfer your weight to which foot?
          3. When pivoting, as you open your hips, what is that helping with?
7) Go to related videos: Click on "Forehand Step 2 - Take your Racket Back"
    A) Watch the video.
    B) Answer the following questions:
         1. Where does your free arem go (the arm without the racket)?
         2. Your free arm helps with what?
8) Go to related videos: Click on "Forehand Step 3 - Swing and Contact"
    A) Watch the video.
    B) Answer the following questions:
         1. What is the key point with your outside leg and foot?
               2. Where do you make contact with the ball? 

Flag Football Unit (Medical Packet)


1)      Go to – type in flag football questions – go to flag football:               



A)    What is the difference between tackle football, touch football, and flag football?





B)     What are the flag football positions?




C)    What are the rules for flag football?




D)    What does flag on the play mean in football?





2)      25 index cards on flag football terminology.




3)      Go to website:  - then on the home page – go to BLOG

Write down all 10 tips for Avoiding Flag Football Sports Injuries and the key points they state in each section.  For example, in Tip #1: The Proper Gear – tell the proper gear you should have and how these items protect and prevent injuries.