How to Earn 6 Points in PE


How To Earn a 6 for a grade each day:


  1. Come dressed in the correct PE attire on a daily basis. 
  2. Be in your squads consistently once you leave the locker room.
  3. Warm-ups – complete our plyometric warm-ups with enthusiasm and accuracy – not in a rushed fashion.
  4. Run laps with vigor and without complaining. No walking is allowed. (Try to run faster each day you come out to increase your speed for the mile.)
  5. Be cheerful, cooperative, energetic, and willing to work hard 100%.  (Not looking for students to suck up to the teacher or have fake attitudes.)
  6. Follow class/school rules so your safety and the safety of others always comes first: 
    1. Standing on or pushing the divider in the gym is an example of a primary safety hazard, defiance and intentional poor judgment and will be written up as such.
    2. Jewelry off, sneakers tied
    3. No IPODS and cell phones
    4. No cursing and talking down to others. Sportsmanlike conduct at all times or you will not play!
  7. Activities and Skills:
    1. Try each skill to the best of your ability following the steps the teacher asks and demonstrates in the sequence that is given to you.
    2. When participating in an activity, do not stand around.  Become an active participant.  Do not talk to friends while the activity goes on around you.
    3. Off ball movement is just as important as someone on ball. Make space so your teammate can pass you the ball. 
    4. When your team is asked to wear pinnies, wear the pinnies in the way you were instructed and then return the pinnie to the place the teacher told you.
    5. Help keep the equipment you are using in good condition by returning it  so that all the equipment is in good shape for your class the next time you need to use it.