Physical Education Dept. Grading Policy

Ms. Renee Bruno
 865-461-6100  x 7025
  Participation Counts for 100% of their Marking Period Grade  

All students will be graded on their preparation and participation in class. If a student comes prepared with appropriate clothing and a good attitude, they will be eligible to maintain a perfect score for that day. 

Students should be prepared for class with appropriate athletic clothing (i.e. T-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt, and athletic footwear).

Students are NOT permitted to wear the following:

- Slides, boat shoes, boots, open toed shoes or sandals of any kind.
- Cut-off T-shirts/Tank Tops
- Jewelry
- Jeans
- Game uniforms may not be worn


Point deductions from the preparation and participation portions of their grade will be as follows:

 Unprepared for class                                                   Loss of 6 points
Discipline for Inappropriate Behavior                Loss of 6 points
Showing Up Late to Class (Without a Pass) 3 instances leads to 1 Unprepared
Poor Participation -2 to -6 points

Students will be eligible for making up points for days in which they arrived unprepared in the final weeks of each quarter. Each student is limited to two (2) make-ups per quarter.
Make-ups will be worth half credit (3 points). The requirement for students attempting to make up lost credit for being unprepared is as follows: 

Arrival Time: Activity:
       7:00 AM or 2:15PM 10 Minute Run or 20 Minute Walk/Jog

Days for Make-ups for the Marking Periods:
Please see your teacher to arrange for make-up days and times. 

On a student's fourth absence, a student will lose credit for that day and each subsequent day that they are absent. They are responsible to see the teacher for an opportunity to make up the credit for that date through a written assignment.

If a student arrives late to class, with a pass, they will be permitted to change and participate in class as long as they arrive before the students are dismissed from the locker room.

A student who is exempt from Physical Education for a medical reason must present a doctor's note to the nurse or have a note form Mr. Caplin, our Athletic Trainer. Then, the student should communicate with their teacher the requirements of the written assignment that must be completed while the student is excused from Physical Education.