The Vietnam War

Week of 12/31

Monday - No School (New Year's Eve)

Tuesday - No School (New Year's Day)

Wednesday - Protest Song Project (Day Three)
                              Finish creating protest song
                              HW - Finish song

Thursday - Protest Song - Final Day
                         Present songs to the class

Friday - 1968 - A Turning Point 
                  Notes, discussion, & video clips 

Week of 12/17

Monday - Anti-War Movement
                      Notes, discussion, & reading
                      HW - Finish reading & questions

Tuesday - Anti-War Movement 
                      Notes, video, & written reflection

Wednesday - Protest Songs of the '60s
                              1. Listen & Discuss Music
                              2. Introduce Project

Thursday - Protest Song Project (Day One)
                         Work on project with group members

Friday - Protest Song Project (Day Two)
                  Continue work on project

Week of 12/10

Monday - Complete Study Guide on LBJ & Vietnam
                      Tet Offensive Video Clips
                      Complete Study Guide

Tuesday - Review on LBJ & Vietnam 
                      Debrief study guide & play review game
                      HW - Complete study guide & study for test

Wednesday - Test on LBJ & Vietnam
Thursday - Guest Speaker - Mr. Adams
Friday - Joe McGinniss Articles
                  1. Thank You Letters
                  2. McGinniss Articles
                  3. Dear America - Letters Home from Vietnam

Week of 10/15

Monday - The Geneva Accords (Day 1)
                       Notes & discussion

Tuesday - The Geneva Accords (Day 2)
                      Finish notes

Wednesday - Review of Indochinese War & Geneva
                              Complete study guide
                              HW - Finish study guide & study for quiz

Thursday - Quiz on Indochinese War 
                         5 Minute Review
                         Take quiz

Friday - Joe McGinniss Articles & 
Dear America

Week of 9/24

Monday - The Life of Ho Chi Minh (Day Three)
                       Discuss articles
                       Finish notes

Tuesday - Study Guide for Test 
                      HW - Finish study guide (if not finished in class)

Wednesday - Review for Test
                              HW - Study for test

Thursday - Test on Vietnam & the Life of Ho Chi Minh
Friday - No School (Teacher In-Service)

Week of 9/17

Monday - Early French Rule in Vietnam
                      Notes, Reading, & Discussion

Tuesday - Early French Rule in Vietnam
                      Notes, Discussion, & Video Clip

Wednesday - The Life of Ho Chi Minh
                               Notes & Discussion

Thursday - The Life of Ho Chi Minh
                         Read Essays/Articles & Critically Analyze 
                         HW - Finish articles (if not done in class)

Friday - The Life of Ho Chi Minh
                  Discuss articles from previous lesson
                  Finish notes

Week of 9/10

Monday - Vietnam - The Land & People (Day One)
                       Quote Analysis in Small Groups
                       Begin Research Analysis Assignment

Tuesday - Vietnam - The Land & People (Day Two)
                       Finish Research Analysis Assignment 
                       HW - Finish assignment (if necessary)

Wednesday - Vietnam - The Land & People (Day Three)
                               Notes & discussion

Thursday - Vietnam - The Land & People (Day Four)
                         Notes & discussion

Friday - Vietnam & Foreign Domination
                  Notes & discussion
                  HW - Reading & critical thinking questions