World History General

Week of 9/30

Monday - The Renaissance - Elements of Style
                       Notes & discussion

Tuesday - Machiavelli & Castiglione 
                      Notes & primary source analysis 

Wednesday - The Northern Renaissance  (Day One)
                               Notes & discussion

Thursday - The Northern Renaissance (Day Two)
                          Notes & discussion 

Friday - Review of the Renaissance 
                  Complete study guide
                  Debrief study guide as a class
                  HW - Study for quiz

Week of 9/23

Monday - Introduction to the Renaissance - Why Italy?
                      Notes & discussion

Tuesday - Benchmark: Information Text Baseline

Wednesday - Classical/Medieval Art vs. Renaissance Art
                              Debrief Art Worksheet 
                              Play Art Game 

Thursday - Renaissance Web Quest 
                         Group work on Renaissance Artists 

Friday - No School (Teacher In-Service) 

Week of 9/16

Monday - The Crusades 
                      Guided Notes & Primary Source Analysis
                      HW - Work on Poster Project 

Tuesday - The Crusades 
                       Crusades Poster Project 
                       HW - Finish Poster
Wednesday - The Black Death
                               Notes, video, & discussion

Thursday - Quiz on the Middle Ages
                         Open notebook quiz on the Middle Ages 
                         Notebook will but turned in after quiz

Friday - Introduction to Humanism
                  Online quiz & discussion
                  Notes on Humanism