Palumbo, Phillip Mr.


Mr. Palumbo's current courses:

Video Production - Video Production is an entry-level project-based course that will involving students in every stage of the film process. Students will become skilled at using camera, lighting, and industry standard editing equipment. Media projects will benefit the school and district community, as well as enrich the student experience. This course will review the history of film, as well as future implications.

Advanced Video Production - Advanced Video Production is an advanced course designed for students with a serious interest in understanding and creating filmmaking. This is a project-based class for students to work in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, with a focus on implementing special effects and deeper storytelling. This course will push student-created media productions to a higher level.

Graphic Design - This is an introductory course for students interested in graphic design. Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of design with an emphasis in computer graphics. Students will learn both the fundamentals of the graphic process along with Adobe Illustrator. Real-world application will be a constant focus in the course, preparing students to problem solve as designers working for faux clients. The skills learned can be used in almost any business market and make for well-rounded resumes.