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 Chapter 11 Assessment will be Thursday  
Powerpoint Links-
Wild West.pptx

Civil War Begins.pptx
Reconstruction Era (1865-1877).pptx
Reconstruction Projects Link-

Causes of the Civil War.pptx
Going West.pptx
Texas Revolution.ppt
Mexican War 1846-1848 NEW.pptx
JQA.pptx        AND       Jackson New.pptx
 Monroe- Ch 5 Monroe Good Feelings.pptx  
Jefferson Presidency.ppt
War Of 1812.ppt
Honors- Marbury v. Madison Assignment Link- 
Marbury v Madison Reading & Q's.docx

Jefferson & Madison Quiz is planned for 12/13

Washington & Adams quiz is Wednesday 11/23
GW PPT Link- Washington Administration.pptx
Adams PPT Link- Adams Admin.ppt
The line below is a link to the Chapter 3 Powerpoint- Critical Period- Confed to Const.pptx
Honors New Summer Assignment.docx
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