McGhee, Jacquelyn Mrs.

*** I am out on maternity leave until October 31st! ***  See you in the fall!

Welcome to Graphic Design at Delran High School!

Jacquelyn McGhee
461-6100 x3510

My name is Jacquelyn McGhee and I teach Graphic Design I, Advanced Graphics, Illustration and Editorial Design, as well as Packaging and Logo Design at Delran High School. This is my seventh year at Delran and I am very excited about the coming weeks. My goal is that my courses will be both informative as well as fun for my students resulting in amazing artwork.

The Graphic Design courses are designed to help students visually communicate. There are many valuable lessons to learn in these courses such as organization, how to research, plan and execute a plan according to specific instructions. My courses are designed to solve problems just as you would do in a math or science course. Students will be required to research topics, styles, techniques and materials by way of the internet and other resources; plan the path they
will take with guided instruction, experiment with techniques, have in class discussions and finally execute their plan and create an amazing piece of artwork. All work will be considered for submission to student art shows such as Teen Arts at Burlington County College.

I have high but realistic expectations of my students. I will require each student to be on time for class, prepared to work, give their best effort each and every day and follow the rules of the classroom.

Projects are graded according to criteria such as composition, content, execution of materials, and how well the student has accomplished the problem at hand. Class assignments, quizzes, homework, and class participation will also be a part of the total grade.

I look forward to working with you in class and broadening your horizons to the world of Graphic Design!

G. Design 1
Adv. Graphics
Illustration & Editorial Design
Packaging & Logo Design