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What I Did With My Summer Vacation
Although I did write this article I was part of the medical staff.  It's a short read, but I think, worthwhile.
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Importance of Sleep - Even During Summer Vacation.
Tips from The Training Room at Velocity Sport Performance
Sleep is very important to keep our bodies healthy. Everything from lucid thinking, to good decision making, to proper digestion, to high performance is heavily dependent on getting good quality sleep.  In addition, sleep is one of the best recovery tools for an athlete. It costs nothing and has been proven to work! As an athlete, getting enough sleep will reduce the risk of over-training and under-recovery, enhance resistance to illness and improve recovery from injury.  Unfortunately, more than a third of adults get fewer than 7 hours of sleep each night.
Here are 8 tips to help you get your good night sleep.
1. Wake up at the same time each day
2. Be awakened by light
3. Avoid electronics immediately before bed
4. Exercise
5. Eat a small to medium dinner
6. Be careful of alcohol or caffeine before bed
7. Clear you mind and relax prior to laying down
8. Limit fluids before bedtime
Sweet dreams...

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  • Delran High School: Athletic Trainer, 2001-Present
  • Preceptor/Clinical Instructor for Temple University Athletic Training Program, 2010-Present
  • Temple University Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics: Assistant Director, 1983-2001
  • Cherry Hill Gymnastics Academy: Sports Medicine Consultant, 1991-2001
  • Albert J. Carino Boys' Basketball Club of SJ: Sports Medicine Consultant, 1984-present
  • Undergraduate Degree - Penn State University: Health & Physical Education, 1974-1978
  • Graduate Studies - Temple University: Sports Medicine & Exercise Physiology, 1981-1983
  • Licensed Athletic Trainer - NJ State Board of Medical Examiners
  • Certified Athletic Trainer - Board of Certification of National Athletic Trainers' Association


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