Summer Assignments Pre AP 4 and AP 5

Spanish Pre-AP 4/AP 5 2018-2019

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Summer Assignment Documents

Pre AP 4 and AP 5 students will be expected to do the following over the summer:


Students in both Pre-AP 4 and AP 5 must find three authentic resources in Spanish (one video, one written article, and one recording such as a podcast or a song). Students must document which three resources they are using on their guides (see link above for forms required for submission). Students cannot use the same authentic resources as their classmates. These reviews should be individual. Students will be expected to complete an analysis for each source. 


In the target language, students should discuss the theme(s) present in their authentic resource, summarize the argument/points of interest, and provide a personal reaction. Translators should be used sparingly. The writing they submit should be a clear representation of what they already know how to do in the target language. Heavy translator use will result in a zero.


Here are some links to get you started. You are not limited to these links. Prensa escrita CNN in Spanish - - Univisión   Radio Naciones Unidas (U.N. Radio)

Sites recommended by Sra. Sanchirico

Grammar Review by Content:

Conjugation Review:

Common Pronunciation Errors:

Typing Spanish Accents without a Spanish keyboard:

Best Spanish Podcasts

Lingro: How to make reading Spanish websites easier: You can look up unfamiliar words right on the page!

Forvo: Listen to different words pronounced with different dialects

Conjugador de verbos en línea's online verb conjugator
This is an excellent resource for checking verb conjugations...BUT, please use with caution!!  Yes it has all 14+ verb conjugations in Spanish and more, but, if you haven't learned the tense, don't go beyond what you know.  It's best to understand the tenses before you use them.
El conjugador
El conjugador is a site where you can find a lot of common Spanish verbs and get the conjugations for all the tenses. You can also find some conjugation practice. 
¡A Spanish verb conjugator from España! You can enter an already conjugated verb and see what the infinitive is/how to conjugate it. ¡Qué guay!
An online verb conjugator. Other features include a dictionary and "word of the day".

Spanish Verb Conjugation Machine: